National Awakening

May 29, 2008 langueschachspiel

Every years , on 20th of May , all of people of Indonesia celebrate National Awakening Day. This year , 100 anniversary of national awakening. It is celebrated to commemorate Budi Utomo organization as the pioner of Indonesia national movement.

Sunday, the 20th of May, 1908: A handful of young Indonesians, led by Wahidin Sudirohusodo, and supported by Soetomo, Gunawan and Suradji — declared the formation of “Boedi Oetomo“, laying the foundations for our independence. The movement would awake Indonesians to Indonesia — to its rich cultural heritage, and age-old values.

Boedi Oetomo” means awareness, consciousness.

It is being aware of our potential, at the same time being conscious of our shortcomings and past mistakes in order to correct them, to rectify them. It was, rather it is, not an ordinary movement. It is the essence of all religions; it is the religiousness of religions. It is 100 percent pure spirituality.

By 1928, the movement was already flowering, when our youth dreamnt of One Nation, One Country, and One Language.

National Awakening Day this year more special than National Awakening Day in another years because this year 100 anniversary of National Awakening in Indonesia.National awakening — the awakening of our hearts and our minds, the awakening of our souls and spirits — the awakening to our cultural roots and age-old heritage.

As the student and the young generation of Indonesia, we must continue this struggle. Let’s up our hearts and our minds, our soul and our spirit, let’s up for Indonesia. We must proud to indonesia , We must proud to Budi Utomo, and we must proud to our heroes.

As the student and the young generation of indonesia, I am proud of Indonesian, Indonesia is rich in natural resources. I dream that in the future no one will go hungry, that people will be knowledgeable because education is free for the poor, that the government will never take people’s money because they are wise

 Is it awakening us, Indonesians, to Indonesia.




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